Startup flakes

Now that I am a founder I am particularly sensitive to a certain type of person I’ll call (for lack of a better term) a startup flake.

A startup flake does things like:

  • Meet with a founder, ostensibly about a job with that founder’s company, but then tell them what you are really trying to do is find a job in venture capital.
  • Respond to startup job postings because it seems like it would be cool to work at a startup, and then after interviewing say that you don’t think startups are really for you.
  • Get excited about a startup, offer to help the founder, and then don’t follow through with what you promised. (i.e. Grinf*cking)
  • Makes really ill-advised introductions to a company without asking the founder if they are useful, first.

I’m not saying we don’t all have a flake moment every now and then. In fact, you might not even have realized that you did something flakey in the past. I get it.

So I’ll forgive you once (or twice, even). But after that … flake!


John Gannon
I have over 15 years of experience working in the trenches at successful startups, high growth companies, and VC firms. During that time, I've managed, interviewed, and coached hundreds of people -- and I've worked in almost every business functional role, including marketing, product management, and business development.
John Gannon
John Gannon
John Gannon

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