Marketing/Data Analysis Startup Job at Baydin in Mountain View, CA

Do you dream of creating content that would be a great fit for the OKCupid blog, only talking about email and personal productivity instead of nookie?

OK, that may be too much to ask, but if you have an interest in productivity and communication, charisma, data analysis chops, writing ability, and a knack for storytelling, we’d love to talk with you! We’re looking for someone interested in both marketing and data analysis for a position that will come with a wealth of data, a ton of freedom and responsibility, and a fantastic team with great products and strong revenue to support you.

We want to build the opposite of a content farm with you. Our vision includes fewer, more thoughtful, more reasoned, better-researched pieces. We want you to be excited about every piece of content you make – driven by inspiration rather than perspiration. A good schedule for us would be something to share every month, rather than three posts per week.

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