Story Design Startup Internship at Hardbound in NYC (or remote)

Do you love learning and ideas?

Are you compulsively creative?

Do you want early-stage startup experience?

Does the opportunity to design stories that will be seen (and, yes, loved!) by thousands excite you?

If the answer is “yes!”, then we would be honored if you apply to be Hardbound’s first Story Design intern!

What does a “Story Designer” do?

In a nutshell, your job is to make sure our stories don’t just look beautiful, but use typography, photography, and illustrations to convey meaning. You’ll collaborate with our small team of talented writers, editors, and technologists to create innovative mobile stories. Yes, this is a paid internship.

What does Hardbound do?

Hardbound is a brand new startup, founded in New York in 2015, that is creating visual, interactive stories that are designed for your phone. We’ve learned a lot in the short time we’ve been operating, but our mission has stayed the same: invent the future of mobile storytelling.

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