Director of Product Marketing Startup Job at CB Insights in NYC

Do you want to run product marketing for a B2B tech co who has a killer product and whose brand has personality?

The Director of Product Marketing at CB Insights will be responsible for communicating the value of CB Insights products and services via various mediums to prospective and existing customers as well as our internal team (biz dev, customer success, strategic accounts, etc). This role has a unique cross-functional view into engineering, content, sales, marketing and customer success.

CB Insights has a distinct B2B brand. We are conversational, fun, smart and a bit edgy. This means that this role requires immense amounts of creativity, amazing communication skills and a great personality.

Why is this role important? 

We have built a product loved by customers, but we know they’d love it even more if they knew all it could do to make them more successful. On top of that, there are thousands of prospective clients who know us from the media we get but haven’t seen the light on how CB Insights will make them amazing at their jobs.

This role will educate customers (existing and prospective) on the many ways we can make them more successful. It will have direct impacts on our bottom line and the perception of our brand in the marketplace.  It’s a big deal.

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