Business Development Startup Internship at WorkRails in Huntington, NY

Our team sees opportunity in between the fabric that layers onto our world. We love discussing what’s possible and designing solutions to problems that impact millions of people. It’s hard work and entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

There is something about enterprise software and professional services that intrigues us. Millions of people spend countless hours using business applications and we’re on a mission to make their day better. We’re building a better engagement model for professional services that will drive client retention, save lots of time and money and deliver incredible results. We’re innovating in a multi billion dollar market.

We’ve been around the block building companies and we value certain things. The well being of our team and family comes first. Our offices are designed to be kid friendly, pet friendly and we prefer healthy food. We play on sports teams and think it’s a good idea to keep fitness equipment around the office. We respect budgets, meet deadlines and always delight our clients and respect our vendors. Our headquarters are in Huntington, NY and we have offices in New York City as well.

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