Community Strategist Startup Job at Mightybell in Palo Alto, CA

Mightybell is a software platform and partner for companies to create specialized professional networks for their target markets and customers. We’re early stage, well-funded and grew revenue over 600% last year from a handful of early customers, including The Gates Foundation, Intuit and American Express. We’ve done all of this with 10 people and no salesforce.

We deliver our specialized professional networks to members on behalf of large enterprise and brands. For example, Mightybell has a successful professional network for the self-employed, a specialized network for teachers, and we’re in the early stages of a new network for small business owners.

For members, a specialized professional network of peers enables people to learn from each other faster and make better decisions, especially around topics that don’t have easy and obvious answers.

For companies, championing a specialized professional network for their target market can not only increase brand affinity, but drive ongoing sales by engaging customers and prospects. In the shift to mobile, migrating target markets into valuable professional networks becomes all the more critical, as customer service forums and other web solutions become obsolete.

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