Community Manager Startup Job at GasPedal in Austin, TX

Community Managers deliver our flagship product — an amazing community experience with deep conversations and strong personal relationships. Your job is to lead a group of senior-level executives as they struggle with the challenges of social media. You’ll facilitate fascinating peer-to-peer conversations — through email discussions, conference calls, and in-person meetings. You’ll welcome our new members, get them involved, nudge them to share, and help them connect with each other. All that will be backed up by detailed execution of our community management best practices.

This is a senior-level role that requires experience with moderation or facilitation, a proven ability to master complex business topics, extraordinary people skills, and excellent communication skills. You’ll need experience with senior marketing executives so you can relate to their interests and needs. We use great tech and databases to scale our extraordinary experience, so you’ll need to love the detailed administrative and analytical side too.

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