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How to interview with a startup CEO (by a startup CEO)

What do you look for when you interview startup sales/marketing/product management candidates? I’ve found that in the best interviews with non-technical people I’m usually the one doing most of the talking. For example, the best product managers asked lots of questions to help them understand: what exactly we did for whom what we were good at what we […]

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How do I get a job as a product manager?

(This post originally appeared on Keith’s blog and is reposted here with his permission. Thanks, Keith!) I talk to a lot of people who want to become product managers. What it takes to become a product manager depends on your background and the specific team you’re interested in joining. But there are some very clear […]

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10 Great Startup Product Management Links

Startup product management is a different beast than product management at an established company. Below are links to some of the best startup product management resources I could track down. I hope you enjoy them! Josh Siegel shares video product management career tips Paul Gray discusses product management with brainmates.com Jake Rocheleau shares product managing […]

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Investment banker turned startup product manager – tips from someone who’s made the switch

Investment banker turned startup product manager?  It’s a very unique career path, and I was grateful to have the chance to interview Rishi Dosaj to learn about how he made that move.  He also shares a great networking tip at the end of the post, which is really helpful if you’re trying to build a […]

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Video product manager career tips from a YouTube alum

Josh Siegel and I worked together at VMware in the professional services division, and for the last several years he’s been working in video product management roles at great companies like Google.  Below he talks about how he transitioned from a professional services career into a video product manager job and describes the traits that […]

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