Editorial and Onboarding Operations Startup Job at Medium in NYC

Medium has emerged as the new op-ed page, where people who have ideas — of consequence or creativity — publish, interact meaningfully with an engaged, thoughtful audience, and drive conversation forward around issues of import in the world and that matter to them.

Medium’s Content Development team is a key driver of this activity. Whether it’s President Obama sharing his State of the Union address, Anne-Marie Slaughter reflecting on working parenting, Alejandro Innaritu pleading for immigration reform, or The Daily Show taking aim at Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump, the Content Development team identifies, recruits, and supports high-profile individuals and organizations, and the communities around them, to successfully publish and engage on Medium.

As an integral member of the Medium Content Development team, the Editorial and Onboarding Operations role works to ensure that high-profile individuals and organizations experience success on Medium. This person has a thorough knowledge of the platform and loves helping other people become expert users. As the point of contact at Medium for many influential voices, this person onboards, educates, and supports, ensuring positive and effective experiences on the platform. They have a sharp editorial eye to shape and provide feedback on posts and help these users navigate their way around the platform — connecting with other influential users, surfacing posts that might be of interest to them, and presenting them with opportunities to interact and engage. They also have a knack for data and tools to find and organize groups of users and outreach activity.

We are building a new kind of media product — where people can share their thoughts, perspectives, and ideas without an editorial filter, speaking directly to an impassioned, engaged, and influential audience. The role of Editorial and Onboarding Operations will help us drive the next phase of platform adoption to high-profile people who want to authentically publish to and engage with the world.

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