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Ro knows: How to career switch from management consulting to startup business development

Ro Gupta landed his startup business development job by networking like crazy, catching a few lucky breaks, and crushing his interview with legendary venture capitalist Fred Wilson. Keep reading to learn how Ro successfully transitioned from the corporate world to leading business development at Disqus, one of the top discussion platforms on the web. You were the 1st […]

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How do you move from SEM to VC to Mobile Startup? We asked Eric Friedman of Foursquare

Eric Friedman has had a diverse career that’s taken him from ad and SEM agencies to a venture capital firm and most recently to a mobile startup (Foursquare) where he leads the revenue operations team. Below Eric talks about why he made these career moves and shares his thoughts on why one might choose a […]

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Startup stock options won’t make you rich

I often see people who are new to the startup world overvalue the equity component (stock options) of their compensation, thinking that it will be their ticket to an early retirement.  The problem is that startup stock options almost always will not make you rich, particularly when the company has already raised even a modest […]

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