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How do you move from SEM to VC to Mobile Startup? We asked Eric Friedman of Foursquare

Eric Friedman has had a diverse career that’s taken him from ad and SEM agencies to a venture capital firm and most recently to a mobile startup (Foursquare) where he leads the revenue operations team. Below Eric talks about why he made these career moves and shares his thoughts on why one might choose a […]

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Working at a startup = Chaos

Don’t kid yourself – working at a startup is nothing short of chaos

It’s a common misconception that there is a fixed formula for startup success when in reality working at a startup is completely chaotic. Take it from my friend, entrepreneur Tejpaul Bhatia, who started and ran a seed funded startup for several years before successfully merging it with another startup. In this post he dispels two […]

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Sometimes to join a startup, you have to go back to square one

Steve Berg is a venture capitalist at RTP Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in New York City. Keep reading to learn what it takes to join a startup and how he evaluates people who approach him about jobs at his firm’s portfolio companies. Also, be sure to check out Steve’s blog – brooklynstartup.com – […]

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Startup business development jobs – One part hustle, One part networking

Mike Cardamone was my classmate Columbia Business School and has gone on to work in startup business development jobs with successful startups like Box and AcademixDirect.  Below he shares his story about how he landed his first startup job in Silicon Valley and provides insight into what traits make a startup business development person effective. Tell […]

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From startup founder to world class web company

Keith Cowing sold his last company to Sailthru and now is a product manager at a social networking company.  Keep reading to hear about what it was like moving to a bigger company after running his own company as well as what it takes for MBA students to position themselves to enter the startup world. […]

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Startup stock options won’t make you rich

I often see people who are new to the startup world overvalue the equity component (stock options) of their compensation, thinking that it will be their ticket to an early retirement.  The problem is that startup stock options almost always will not make you rich, particularly when the company has already raised even a modest […]

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