Editor in Chief Startup Job at GrowthLab (Anywhere/Remote)

There is a tidal wave of entrepreneurship on the way. Millennials, bigger than the Boomers, eager to turn their passions and skills into profitable and flexible businesses.

But the old paths to entrepreneurship don’t make sense anymore. Do you really want to make an app and pray you’re the next Instagram? Do you want to chase venture capital all day? Do you want to leverage everything you own for a business loan? Of course not. There’s a better way.

At GrowthLab, we teach people how to start, grow and run online businesses. We have tens of thousands of students and millions of readers. We have success stories across dozens of industries. We have a content engine in place and are ready to roll.

Now, how can we make GrowthLab the #1 destination for online business?

We’re looking for someone to lead the www.growthlab.com blog — content, traffic, analytics, and building a best-in-class team of writers and editors.

From there, you’ll expand to events, social media, video and beyond to make GrowthLab a household name.
Your two key metrics will be traffic and subscribers, but quality — quality of content and quality of traffic — will be essential every step of the way.

If you had a budget, staff and time to create the best, what kind of site would you build? How would you go above and beyond to make GrowthLab required reading for anyone even considering starting a business?

As Editor-in-Chief of GrowthLab, you’ll work closely with the CEO and the Head of Editorial. You’ll develop and expand the GrowthLab staff. The GrowthLab that you build will change the way millennials think about business and success.

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