Sales Development Representative and Account Manager Startup Jobs at FanBridge in NYC

FanBridge builds technology that helps influencers and content creators build sustainable fan-powered businesses.  Our FanBridge Audience CRM platform provides tools clients use to grow and engage their fan audience, primarily via email marketing. Our Channel Pages product is a collaboration engine that helps YouTube channels find other channels for growth collaborations, as well as enables sponsors to find channels to do integrated sponsorships and marketing. Collectively across these platforms, we touch hundreds of millions of fans worldwide (probably a billion at this point).

With our near decade of experience building these industry leading platforms, we launched the FanBridge Enterprise Email Creation Platform (separate site coming soon), a hosted platform to help large (Fortune 1000) brands, companies, and organizations create marketing emails quickly and painlessly. No longer do emails take days and weeks to prepare because code is manually created and gets sent back and forth 50x. No more full-days of QA trying to fix the “tweak” a non-marketing colleague made to the email code. The platform is ESP agnostic as we only deal with the creation piece of the process: the platform’s output is finished, brand compliant, mobile responsive, code perfect html.

Job Description (Sales Development)
You will work in our Chelsea office in NYC as the first Sales Development Representative for our Enterprise SaaS platform. You will be working closely with our Enterprise Sales Executives to generate meetings and calls with qualified leads though research and high volume outreach (email and phone). You will be reaching out to Fortune 1000 companies, so your creativity and drive in getting to the right people will be key to the success of both the team and yourself. This is a dream opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing Enterprise Sales organization.

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Job Description (Account Manager)
You will work in our Chelsea office in NYC as the first member of the Account Management team for our Enterprise SaaS platform. You will be managing client relationships once a deal is closed, and probably helping a bit in the final stages of closing new clients as well. Since you will be in charge of making sure your clients are successful, you will quarterback the client’s ideas and feedback internally across every group in the company. This isn’t for everyone, but for the right person, this is a dream opportunity to help define the future of a first-class Account Management team.

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