Startup Jobs and Career Advice for 6/16/14

  • Skinesiology is looking for a co-founder to handle business and operations. They are developing functional fitness apparel featuring built-in resistance bands to help people tone muscle and burn extra calories. If interested, contact Frank Yao directly at

Using principles from anatomy, kinesiology, and sports science, our specialized workout clothing is designed to oppose specific muscle actions in order to gently push the body to work harder and expend more energy during every movement. Imagine clothing that creates a sensation similar to moving through water. You can wear them at the gym to make your workouts more safe, effective, and efficient, or you can wear them discreetly under normal clothing for gradual calorie burn throughout the day.

We were fortunate enough to win the Technology Venture category of the $200K Entrepreneurs Challenge as well as the hardware category of NYU Poly’s InnoVention, and we’re now officially kicking off our company with the NYU Summer Launchpad. Our team comprises five medical students at NYU, and we’re currently trying to round out our team with another full-time cofounder with experience in fashion, business development, and/or marketing. Primary responsibilities include developing brand strategy, managing social media, and day-to-day business operations. More importantly, we are looking for a creative, passionate individual with an entrepreneurial mindset who is willing to jump in and help with whatever needs to get done.


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John Gannon
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John Gannon
John Gannon
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