Your startup job hunt depends on one thing

Some people think the key to breaking into a startup is getting a big break – like getting that first interview with a top startup, or getting a solid intro to a hiring manager at a startup.

Let me tell you something. It’s not. The most important thing – the key to your job hunt – is getting your ‘wedge’.

What the heck is a wedge? It’s an event that gives you your first foothold in the startup ecosystem, helping you to get access to great career opportunities in the future. It’s a “little” break that positions you to start getting some big breaks.

The best wedge? I’d say it’s starting something first – before you start looking for startup jobs.

Starting something is hard, thankless work.  There’s no better way to build up the mental toughness that’s needed to succeed at a startup, then by taking an idea and getting it off the ground – and not giving up when you hit the inevitable stumbles. 

So what will you start?




John Gannon
I have over 15 years of experience working in the trenches at successful startups, high growth companies, and VC firms. During that time, I've managed, interviewed, and coached hundreds of people -- and I've worked in almost every business functional role, including marketing, product management, and business development.
John Gannon
John Gannon
John Gannon

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