Startup Jobs for 5/14/14

  • Interplay’s Nomad Financial is looking for someone to help launch offices in cities including San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, and Seattle:
We want someone who appreciates how the details of operational finance and strategy can be the difference in a startup succeeding and failing.  This person can both bring on clients, and if need be, execute on their needs. The ideal candidate:
  • Has *very* strong social skills
  • Deeply rooted in the startup scene
  • Understands & is passionate about startups
  • Is highly competent
  • Is risk-tolerant
  • Likely 5+ years of business experience, including operational finance
  • Proficient with Excel
  • We prioritize raw ability over experience, status, etc
If interested apply here.

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I have over 15 years of experience working in the trenches at successful startups, high growth companies, and VC firms. During that time, I've managed, interviewed, and coached hundreds of people -- and I've worked in almost every business functional role, including marketing, product management, and business development.
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