free email course that will help you build your personal brand

(Free course) How to build your personal brand in the startup community

I just released a free email course: The Influence Playbook. The course breaks down – step by step – how to build a personal brand that can lead you to: your dream startup job a ridiculously powerful startup network a more fulfilled life It’s loaded with lots of examples – including many from my experience building a […]

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Don’t let them forget you

Here’s the situation: you’re reaching out to someone in the startup community who you’ve met before but who you’re not particularly close with. You’re looking to reconnect with them – maybe about a job opportunity, or about a new product you’re selling. In short, you need their help. “How do I know her?” When you’re trying […]

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The 4 mistakes I’ve made negotiating startup job offers

Although it’s not quite as hard as negotiating cab fare, negotiating a startup job offer can be pretty tough, too. The good news is that you can learn from 4 of my past negotiating mistakes to help you quickly reach agreement on your startup job offer. Optimizing for cash rather than equity If you’re going […]

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12 point checklist for startup interview prep

  Congrats! That hot startup you’re interesting in working for wants to interview you. What’s next? To help with startup interview prep, I’ve compiled 12 tips based upon my experience having been both a startup hiring manager and someone who’s interviewed at plenty of startups over the years. I hope these tips help you nail […]

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Startup Jobs and Career Advice for 9/30/15

CB Insights is looking for both a Market Response Representative and a Marketing Coordinator in NYC. Ben Tossell writes about how he landed a job at Product Hunt.

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Hot off the press: 5 startup community manager jobs posted just now

Community Manager at Townsquared in San Francisco Community Strategist at Mightybell in Palo Alto, CA Community Leader at Common in NYC Senior Community Manager at F50 in San Francisco Community Manager at GasPedal in Austin, TX

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Startup Jobs for 9/23/15

Clearbit in San Francisco is hiring an Account Executive. DWNLD in NYC is hiring a Company Success intern.

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Startup Jobs and Career Advice for 9/14/15

Steve Blank writes about why corporate entrepreneurs are extraordinary on his blog. Mirantis is hiring product managers for its Cloud Management Platform and App Developer Services.

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A Linkedin hack to build your startup network

Here’s a cool hack I’ve been using to connect with interesting people on LinkedIn and build my startup network in the process: Look at your ‘People who have viewed your profile‘ page. Ask yourself: “Would this person be interesting to connect with?” I’ll leave it to you to define what interesting means. Maybe it’s a VC or […]

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How I stumbled into a job at VMware before it was “VMware”

12 years ago I had the good fortune of joining a (then) ~300 person software startup. Soon after I came on board, that little company on Porter Drive was acquired for $625 million. 5 years later the acquirer spun them out in a $19 billion IPO. I’d love to be able to say that I […]

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