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A Linkedin hack to build your startup network

Here’s a cool hack I’ve been using to connect with interesting people on LinkedIn and build my startup network in the process: Look at your ‘People who have viewed your profile‘ page. Ask yourself: “Would this person be interesting to connect with?” I’ll leave it to you to define what interesting means. Maybe it’s a VC or […]

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Startup Career Advice for 1/12/15

Alex Iskold writes on his blog about how to ask for an introduction. Jake Furst from Foursquare, Joshua Goldstein from, and Michael Karnjanaprakorn from Skillshare, among others, answer “What is the best way to get hired by a startup in New York City?” on Quora.

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Building relationships with VCs as a startup employee

If the startup where you work has taken on VC or angel money and it’s a relatively early stage startup there is a good chance you will have some exposure to the investors.  Especially if you are a somewhat senior hire or one of the earliest employees at the startup. If this describes you or your company then […]

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How to reach relevant people in the startup world

I know it feels like no one is listening to you when you’re getting started in the startup world. You have a blog you’re writing that hardly anyone reads (and certainly not the people you’d like to be reading it). A Twitter account that virtually no one follows. And those celebrity founders and VCs you’re […]

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The worst startup career advice: “Start a blog”

Lots of people will tell you to go and start a blog if you want to work at a startup. They say it’s a great way to develop a following – a following that will loop you in to some great startup job opportunities. I think this is really bad advice. @rrhoover @msuster @ryandawidjan @bhorowitz […]

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Don’t let them forget you

Here’s the situation: you’re reaching out to someone in the startup community who you’ve met before but who you’re not particularly close with. You’re looking to reconnect with them – maybe about a job opportunity, or about a new product you’re selling. In short, you need their help. “How do I know her?” When you’re trying […]

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