Top 10 startup career advice posts from the past year

We’ve been live for about a year so I thought it was high time to share the most popular content on

When I looked at the list I wasn’t surprised to see that advice on negotiating startup job offers was at the top of the list – and made up 3 of the top 10! On the other hand, I was a little surprised to see this networking tip from Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha in the Top 5.

OK, enough from me. Here’s the most popular content from the last year. Enjoy (and more importantly, use!) it.

  1. Negotiating Startup Job Offers – Learn how to get a fair startup job offer via this advice from VCs, entrepreneurs, and startup employees
  2. The 4 mistakes I’ve made negotiating startup jobs offers – Learn from my mistakes so you can get to work at a startup faster.
  3. Write Better Job Search Emails – My free eBook on how to get responses from hard to reach VCs, entrepreneurs, and startup executives. I show you real emails that I sent and how to use these templates to write your own killer emails.
  4. Don’t let them forget you – A simple but powerful networking tip that you can apply immediately
  5. 12 point checklist for startup interview prep – Don’t show up at a startup interview without reviewing this post and making sure you’ve checked all the boxes.
  6. Don’t kid yourself — working at a startup is nothing short of chaos – A reality check about what working at a startup is really like.
  7. Startup Jobs – Job postings for (mostly) non-technical startup jobs sourced from around the web
  8. Evaluating startup job offers versus BigCo dollars – My friend from Fidelity Ventures breaks down the details of a startup job offer and gives you some formulas to figure out how much that offer is really worth.
  9. These top startups are all hiring people like you – 100 top startups. many of which are looking to fill early career sales, marketing, and business development roles. And links to their Careers pages to make it super simple to see where someone like you might fit.
  10. Product management career advice and how an MBA can help – Learn from my friend who runs product management at a healthcare IT startup why and how an MBA can be important to your success in the role.
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