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This startup raised a ton of money so it must be doing well

#134027445 / One of the biggest misconceptions that folks new to the startup world have is that companies that have raised a ton of money are crushing it. There are plenty of examples of “lots of money raised” flops abound in the venture/startup world. For instance: Color ($41MM raised – sold to Apple for probably pennies on […]

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Startup Jobs and Career Advice for 11/10/14

Satya Patel writes about what makes a great project manager on his blog. Sabrina Bruning posted 15 great community manager job openings on CMX.

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Startup Career Advice for 10/27/14

Zapier Learning Center has a free introductory course on APIs, which allow companies to link their app systems together. Jason Freedman writes for 42Floors about wanting to get into startups, but not knowing where to start.

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Build iOS apps on a budget without learning to code

One month. $5,000. And no coding skills! Would you believe that’s all it takes to go from idea to an iOS MVP? My friend Angus McLeod at Knotable has used the process below to build his own iOS MVP and has seen other non-engineers use it to build their own, too.  What I love about this process is that […]

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How to interview with a startup CEO (by a startup CEO)

What do you look for when you interview startup sales/marketing/product management candidates? I’ve found that in the best interviews with non-technical people I’m usually the one doing most of the talking. For example, the best product managers asked lots of questions to help them understand: what exactly we did for whom what we were good at what we […]

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Startup Jobs and Career Advice for 9/24/14

Praxis Health, a healthcare startup that provides lay caregivers with the skills and tools needed to better recognize and manage disease, is looking for a BD and tech candidate to help scale their operations. 500 Startups writes about how to get hired at a startup (even if you’re not technical).

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Startup Jobs and Career Advice for 9/22/14

Klink, a data company, is hiring a Sales Development Rep in SoHo, NYC. Ryan Hoover writes for Medium about not learning to code.

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