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Should startups hire MBAs? The great debate continues!

Investment banking and management consulting positions still capture the career interest of many MBA students and grads. However, over the last several years there’s been a focus at many business schools to beef up their entrepreneurship programs as more and more MBAs want to strike out on their own or join a startup after graduation. […]

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Startup sales jobs – 5 ways to know you have what it takes to succeed

If you’re exploring startup sales jobs, keep in mind that to succeed in these roles you need a certain mindset and way of selling that’s fundamentally different from your peers who are working at larger companies. From my experience having worked as an investor and operator in and advisor to startups, these 5 traits can […]

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Startup business development jobs – One part hustle, One part networking

Mike Cardamone was my classmate Columbia Business School and has gone on to work in startup business development jobs with successful startups like Box and AcademixDirect.  Below he shares his story about how he landed his first startup job in Silicon Valley and provides insight into what traits make a startup business development person effective. Tell […]

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Video product manager career tips from a YouTube alum

Josh Siegel and I worked together at VMware in the professional services division, and for the last several years he’s been working in video product management roles at great companies like Google.  Below he talks about how he transitioned from a professional services career into a video product manager job and describes the traits that […]

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From startup founder to world class web company

Keith Cowing sold his last company to Sailthru and now is a product manager at a social networking company.  Keep reading to hear about what it was like moving to a bigger company after running his own company as well as what it takes for MBA students to position themselves to enter the startup world. […]

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