The startup jobs posts you loved the most in 2014

Yep, it’s that time of year. We’re in ‘best of’ season again! So here are the most popular posts from in 2014 as “voted” by your clicks.

  1. Don’t let them forget you – a networking tip from one of the top VC’s in the world
  2. These top startups are all hiring people like you – we went nuts and researched jobs across 100 different startups and pointed out the jobs you should apply for
  3. Startup COO explains startup finance and operations jobs – if you ever wondered about the job of a startup COO, go no further
  4. Build iOS apps on a budget without learning to code – the not-so-secret system that lets non-technical folks build apps without breaking the bank
  5. Don’t bother to show up at a startup interview unless you have one of these – let’s just say it’s all about the plan
  6. How to interview with a startup CEO (by a startup CEO) – don’t trust me, trust him
  7. 3 startup career advice questions for Comcast Ventures’ entrepreneur in residence – advice from someone who’s sat on both sides of the table
  8. How to become a superhero before your next startup interview – spidey, superman,  wonder woman would all be jealous if they saw you use these techniques
  9. 3 ways MBAs screw up their startup job search – hint: if you want to do “strategy” at a startup then you should read this post
  10. Startup Institute’s CEO shares 3 tips on boosting your startup job prospects – Aaron’s school has taught hundreds of people how to break into the startup world, and he shares some of his best tips here