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How I stumbled into a job at VMware before it was “VMware”

12 years ago I had the good fortune of joining a (then) ~300 person software startup. Soon after I came on board, that little company on Porter Drive was acquired for $625 million. 5 years later the acquirer spun them out in a $19 billion IPO. I’d love to be able to say that I […]

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How to interview with a startup CEO (by a startup CEO)

What do you look for when you interview startup sales/marketing/product management candidates? I’ve found that in the best interviews with non-technical people I’m usually the one doing most of the talking. For example, the best product managers asked lots of questions to help them understand: what exactly we did for whom what we were good at what we […]

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Ro knows: How to career switch from management consulting to startup business development

Ro Gupta landed his startup business development job by networking like crazy, catching a few lucky breaks, and crushing his interview with legendary venture capitalist Fred Wilson. Keep reading to learn how Ro successfully transitioned from the corporate world to leading business development at Disqus, one of the top discussion platforms on the web. You were the 1st […]

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How to become a superhero before your next startup interview

Everyone wants to be a superhero. And in this post I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get superpowers before your next startup interview. With these superpowers you’ll be in a great position to absolutely crush your upcoming startup interviews. But before I give away that valuable secret, I need to make sure […]

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