5 things you need to know to get an ad tech startup job

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Words to live by in ad tech

Mad Men. Cannes. Upfronts. If you get excited about these things then you might want to work at an ad tech startup.

Here are some resources you can use to quickly educate yourself on the landscape – and get on the road to finding an ad tech startup job you’ll love.

Ad Tech Companies

LUMA Partners created and still maintains a well known diagram about the ad tech space called the LUMAScape or ‘The Kawaja Diagram’.

It shows all of the large and small companies in the ad tech space segmented by focus area. It’s a great starting point for learning the space and so I’ve embedded it below.

Ad Technology

On Ad Ops Insider you can geek out on the nuts and bolts of Real Time Bidding and other important technical concepts in ad tech. If you don’t mind digging in you’ll learn a lot on this site.

Ad Tech Terminology

AppNexus runs a Display Advertising Wiki that does a great job of explaining various industry buzzwords and concepts.

Ad Tech People

AdExchanger publishes lots of interviews with the movers and shakers in the ad tech space.

Ad Tech Jobs

There’s a specialized job search engine just for ad tech called JobElevation. It makes it easy to visually search for jobs in the different pockets of the ad tech ecosystem. Use it to find out which ad tech companies are growing and to apply for jobs.

I’m sure there are other great sources for ad tech info that you’ve seen, so please include them in the comments below.