The fallacy of the startup ‘A’ player

2007 MLB AL East final standings on Green Mons...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Fenway Park where the Red Sox play, it’s a well known fact that certain hitters do really well there because they are able to take advantage of that big Green Monster in left field.

Working in the startup world is no different. A startup’s culture (the ballpark, if you will) can be a huge motivator for one person and spur them to higher levels of accomplishment than they ever thought possible, while another person may struggle to find their footing in that exact same environment.

Bottom line: There is no such thing as a true ‘A’ player in the startup world.

This is why when you’re hunting for a startup job you want to be sure you’re learning as much about a company’s culture as you can in the process. Sites like can help you gather some intel about company culture on your own time and certainly it always makes sense to talk with present and past employees at target companies about their experience.

Make sure you find a startup with a culture and leadership style that suits you, and you’ll do just fine.

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