A Linkedin hack to build your startup network


Here’s a cool hack I’ve been using to connect with interesting people on LinkedIn and build my startup network in the process:

  1. Look at your ‘People who have viewed your profile‘ page.
  2. Ask yourself: “Would this person be interesting to connect with?” I’ll leave it to you to define what interesting means. Maybe it’s a VC or a startup founder or someone who just seems like they’d be good to know.
  3. Send them an InMail that looks like this.
  4. Wait for a response.

If they don’t respond, don’t bug them

If they do respond, the door is open to more conversation. Take that opportunity to set up a coffee discussion or a phone chat. Or maybe just be glad you connected with a new person that you can reconnect with later on as your career develops.

Remember: There was something about your profile that interested that person. Don’t be shy about using this technique to find out what it was.