How to reach relevant people in the startup world

I know it feels like no one is listening to you when you’re getting started in the startup world.

You have a blog you’re writing that hardly anyone reads (and certainly not the people you’d like to be reading it). A Twitter account that virtually no one follows.

And those celebrity founders and VCs you’re trying to reach about job opportunities? Well, they’re not returning your emails.

That sucks, right? Because if you could only get the attention of the high profile, ‘relevant’ people in the startup world then you’d be able to get a great startup job. If they only opened the door for you, you’d be all set.

Or maybe not.

Watch this short clip from Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW where he attacks this idea of ‘relevant’ people in classic GaryVee fashion (headphones on this one, especially if you’re at work). (Thanks to David Lerner for pointing this clip out on Twitter).

In just a couple of minutes you’ll start to see this idea of ‘relevant’ people a lot differently.